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Amigurumi pattern: crochet pincushion in the shape of a watch


Hi crafter, how are you? Long time no see!

This time I'm bringing this free crochet pattern to make an amigurumi watch that you can use as a pincushion or as a toy for the children in your life. You can even rock it as an accessory to wow your fellow crocheters. 

If you have been crocheting for a while, you already know that pins are very important to hold all the crochet pieces in place before sewing them, and this also applies when making amigurumi. Pinning everything beforehand can make a huge difference in the final result. Thus, you will need a pincushion.


This is why I designed this fun and modern crochet watch that you can wear everywhere. 

Here you have the pattern!


- 3,5mm crochet hook
- Yarn: white, yellow, blue and maroon 
- Blue and black embroidery floss
- Fiberfill
- Tapestry needle, sewing needle, pins and scissors 
- Velcro
- Fabric glue and a piece of plastic (optional but recommended)
- White sewing thread
- 4,5mm safety eye


Rd: round
Sc: single crochet
Sl St: slip stitch
Ch: chain stitch
Inc: increase (2sc in the same st)
Dec: decrease (2sc together)
BL: Back loops (crochet into back loops only)
*...*: repeat the sequence till the end of the round
(...): number of st you should have at the end of the round

Crochet pincushion pattern:

Watch dial
Rd 1: With white yarn, 6sc into a magic ring (6)
Rd 2: *inc* (12)
Rd 3: *1sc, inc* (18)
Rd 4: *2sc, inc* (24)
Rd 5: With yellow yarn, *3sc, inc* (30)
Rd 6: With maroon yarn, BL 30sl st (30)
Rd 7: BL 30sc (30)

Embroider the numbers with black embroidery floss and the hands with blue floss. Place a safety eye into the magic ring.

Rd 8: BL *3sc, dec* (24)
Rd 9: *2sc, dec* (18)
Rd 10: *1sc, dec* (12)
Rd 11: *dec* (6)
Fasten off

Watch strap
Using blue yarn, ch50, turn your work (if you have wider wrists, you can crochet a longer chain) 
Rd 1- Starting form second ch in the hook, 49sc (49)
Rd 2- Rd 3: 49sc, ch1, turn your work (49)
Rd 4: 49pb
Sl St and weave in ends.


- Fold the strap in half to find the middle and sew the dial on top of it. I recommend sticking a piece of a plastic sheet between the dial and the strap to protect your wrist from the pins. 

- Stick a piece of velcro in the ends of the strap and sew it with white sewing thread.


And that's it! I hope you liked this tutorial. If you make the watch and you feel like sharing your creation on social media, please tag me, I'd be thrilled to see your creation!


Big hugs and see you next time, ciao!

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