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Amigurumi pattern: Rosie the Riveter's arm crochet brooch (we can do it!)

Hi Crafter, ¿how are you?

If you've been following me for a while you might have noticed that one of my biggest passions is the fight for women's rights. It's something that really moves me and for years I've been an activist for equality.  

I've already designed a feminist witch called Calixta, that you can find here, but for some time I've been willing to crochet something specific for March the 8th, International Women's Day. I wanted something you could wear and that was visible at all times, as usually we don't walk our amigurumis (unless you're a little odd like me and carry them around to take pictures of them, ha ha)

This is how I came up with the idea of making a brooch you could take to the demonstration or in your everyday life, wearing it proudly on your lapel or bag. And what icon could be better than Rosie the Riveter with her empowered fist in the air!

This is a simple pattern that is very quick to make, so you can crochet as many as possible to give away to your friends and allies.

But there is something SUUUPER important that I want to ask you, and it's not to use this pattern for your own benefit. I'd like this pattern to be used to help platforms that work towards equality and justice: for women, LGTBIQ+ community, migrants, refugees, antiracist organizations, planned parenthood... So if you can crochet, make many brooches and donate them to women's rights associations so they can sell them or share the pattern with them so they can crochet them and use it in their fundraising campaigns. With your hook and good will you can change the world! And for me there wouldn't be bigger satisfaction than knowing that with my humble pattern I'm contributing a little bit. Will you help me? 

Here you have the pattern! Grab your hook and start a revolution!!






And this is it! I hope you make many crochet brooches to empower your local associations. And if you want to share the results on Instagram, please use the hashtag #rosiethecrafter. Nothing would make me happier than seeing waves of women wearing proudly this pin.

Here you have some suggestions for donating. As I'm from Barcelona I know plenty of platforms from my region, so here I'm posting some international ones that I know, but they are not enough. Please, mention in the comments' section which other associations you consider it would be worth donating to and I'll include them in this list:

Malala Fund (for girls' education)
Women's Link Worldwide (lawyers fighting for women's rights)
Vicente Ferrer (projects against poverty in India. They want to empower women and protect and educate children)
Women's March
Planned Parenthood
Feminist Frequency (Non-profit educational YouTube channel)


Thank you, crafter, see you soon!

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